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Distributed Energy Engineering

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • Distributed Energy Engineering

Distributed Energy Engineering

Product introduction

Hongda has professional Grade B design qualifications in the power industry (new energy power generation, substation engineering, power transmission projects, thermal power generation). Professional Grade B design qualifications, Grade C qualifications such as general contracting of power engineering construction and general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering construction. able to undertake engineering projects within the scope of qualification license.

Distributed energy engineering is an energy supply method built on the user side, which can be operated independently or connected to the grid. This is a new energy system that determines the method and capacity to maximize resource and environmental benefits and can integrate and optimize the user’s multiple energy needs and resource allocation status, using demand-responsive design and modular configuration. It has the characteristics of reasonable energy efficiency utilization, small loss, less pollution, flexible operation, and a good economy.

Design product categories include pre-feasibility study, feasibility study report, project proposal, project application report, due diligence report, regulatory reporting, special plan, preliminary design, construction design, as-built drawing design, fire protection design, safety Implement design, occupational hygiene design, environmental protection design and etc.


EPC engineering, turnkey engineering, construction engineering, etc.


Qionglai Yang'an Natural Gas Distributed Energy Project, Guizhou Zhonghong Xinli Energy Co., Ltd. 100MW Natural Gas Peak Shaving Power Generation and Distributed Energy Project, Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Natural Gas Distributed Energy Project, Duanshi Town 50 MW Coalbed Methane Cogeneration Project, Aba County Town Central Heating Project Phase II Design Project, Qujing Economic and Technological Development Zone Natural Gas Distributed Energy Project.

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Efficient use of energy to improve the human environment

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