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Chemical Process Engineer

Work place: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Job Responsibilities

1. Carry out research and development on the new system of hydrogen refueling stations (such as liquid hydrogen refueling stations), including system design, process simulation, and calculation, component selection, etc. draw drawings (PFD, P&ID, etc.), writing calculation books, technical specifications, etc., For various design tasks.

2. Prepared R&D project approval documents, guided various internal and external technical resources to carry out R&D work, and integrated all design works.

3. Based on the needs of research and development, organize and develop design guidelines, conduct new product research and development and patent applications, etc.

Preferred Candidate

1. Bachelor degree or above in chemical industry or oil storage, more than 3 years of professional process design experience in industrial gas field, hydrogen energy field or other related fields.

2. Be proficient in using professional drawing design software, such as CAD drawing software, to design PFD and P&ID; be able to formulate basic process aspects for various equipment (such as compressors) and components (such as control valves, and flow meters), etc. Be able to formulate basic parameter requirements for various equipment (such as compressors) and components (such as control valves, flow meters), etc., and formulate overall and complete technical specifications together with other majors.

3. It is necessary to have certain professional knowledge or practical experience in process control, material selection, piping, etc.

4. Possess certain diagnostic experience in the field operation process of the device, and can carry out the trial operation of the R&D device together with other majors.

Materials Engineer

Work place: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Job Responsibilities:

1) Responsible for the preparation process technology of hydrogen storage alloys, and the preparation of operation instructions for preparation procedures.

2) Responsible for monitoring the preparation process of hydrogen storage alloys, ensuring process quality and product quality compliance.

3) Responsible for hydrogen storage alloy powder modification, molding process technology, and preparation of work instructions.

4) Responsible for the technical training of employees in the hydrogen storage alloy preparation and powder modification process, and also responsible for the quality record management of this process.

5) Responsible for the preparation of hydrogen storage alloy test plan, test report, test data analysis, and establishment of test database.

6) Requirements review, requirements analysis, preparation of test plans, and execution of test work.

7) Participate in the development of new products and make continuous improvement of the company's products.

8) To complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Preferred Candidate

1) College degree or above, major in metal, metallurgy, materials or related; At least 3 years related working experience.

2) Master Auto CAD, Office, Orion and other related software, and be proficient in using XRD, SEM, EDS, PCT and other equipment.

3) Strong sense of responsibility, technical research spirit, strong problem analysis and problem-solving ability.

4) Possess good teamwork spirit and executive ability, and have strong active learning ability.

Sales Manager

Job location: Africa

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the collection of regional market information and opportunities;

2. Develop regional customers and complete sales target tasks;

3. Through on-site inspections, local agents/distributors and networks collect customer information in the responsible area;

4. According to the obtained customer information, classify and archive customers, and conduct targeted tracking of various customers;

5. Determine the list of international exhibitions according to market analysis and the actual number of customers, and report to the company for exhibition review; be responsible for the signing of exhibition contracts, payment, preparation of exhibition materials, and communication with advertising companies for poster design; complete the list of participants Confirmation, visa processing for participants, hotel reservation, etc.

6. Responsible for on-site visits to customers and reception of visiting customers.

7. Responsible for the communication and communication in the early stage of the project, including the verification of the authenticity of the project and customers, the preparation of technical solutions in the early stage of the project, and the preliminary budget quotation.

8. Responsible for the contract negotiation and signing and contract review of regional projects, and the project payment is recovered on time.

9. Complete other temporary work arranged by the leader.

Preferred Candidate

1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing, business administration , petrochemical or related majors;

2. More than 5 years of experience in B2B sales in the manufacturing/petrochemical/ energy or related industries;

3. Candidates with working experience in oil, gas, hydrogen or new energy are preferred

4. Familiar with foreign trade process, able to complete business negotiation and business operation independently;

5. Have good internal and external resource coordination ability;

6. It is preferred to have the resources of the company involved in related industries.

7. Age -Min: 24 Max: 40

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