Chemical & New Energy Engineering

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • Chemical & New Energy Engineering
  • Chemical & New Energy Engineering

Chemical & New Energy Engineering

Product introduction

Design product categories include pre-feasibility study, feasibility study report, project proposal, project application report, due diligence report, regulatory reporting, special plan, preliminary design, construction design, as-built drawing design,  fire protection design, safety Implement design, occupational hygiene design, environmental protection design and etc.

In the energy chemical engineering field, we possess the professional grade B design qualification in the chemical and petrochemical industry (including refining engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum products storage and transportation, and chemical products storage and transportation), and the grade B qualification for general contracting of petrochemical engineering construction; able to engage in the corresponding general contracting business and projects of construction projects within the scope of the qualification license management and related technical and management services.


Hydrogen EPC project, turnkey project, construction project.


Sinopec (Anhui) Green Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. Wuhu Mayinqiao Hydrogen Refueling Station Project, Jinan Public Transport Hydrogen Refueling Station, Sinopec (Anhui) Green Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. Wuhuwanli Hydrogen Refueling Station Project Design Procurement Construction (EPC), general contract of design of capacity expansion project of Beiyao hydrogen integrated energy station (EPC), procurement and construction (EPC) of Wuxi -Dongzi integrated energy stations, design, procurement and construction (EPC) of Beiyao and Jingangwan integrated energy stations.

Mawan Electric Power Construction Hydrogen Production and Hydrogen Refueling Integrated Station Project Feasibility Study Report Preparation, Xichang Xiaomiao Hydrogen Refueling Station Construction Project, Zhangjiakou Transportation Investment Hydrogen Energy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Hydrogen Refueling Station Project Weisan Road Station, Zhangjiakou Hydrogen Refueling Station Project, Zhangkeng (Qinglong) Gas Station Expansion Hydrogen Refueling Station Project (500kg/d), Xinxieli Lunjiao Li Village Hydrogen Refueling Station Project ( 500kg/d), Yankuang Group Co., Ltd. Yankuang New Energy R&D Innovation Center Integrated Energy Supply Station Skid Hydrogen refueling station (500kg/d), Wuhan Zhongji Hydrogen Energy Industry Innovation Center Co., Ltd. reconstruction project of hydrogen station, Neijiang Tianchen Logistics Co., Ltd. project - hydrogen refueling skid-mounted station design and construction project, Nanning Sinopec Xinyang Hydrogen Refueling Station Project, etc.

Energy Chemical Engineering


Efficient use of energy to improve the human environment

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