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Safty & Quality & Environment



1. Training
On-the-job training - Our company conducts on-the-job safety education and training for all employees, trains all dangerous scenarios and dangerous elements that may be encountered in production and work, and provides employees with safety knowledge training and practice drills. There is also targeted professional training for production-related positions. All employees must pass a strict safety knowledge test after training. If they fail the test, they cannot pass the probationary assessment.

Regular safety knowledge training - Our company conducts safety production knowledge training for all employees every month, involving all aspects of production, and also invites expert consultants in the industry to answer professional questions from time to time.

According to the "Workshop Morning Meeting Management Measures", the production workshop holds a workshop morning meeting every working day to publicize and implement safety awareness, to achieve the purpose of summarizing experience, clarifying tasks, cultivating the quality of employees, ensuring safe production and improving production efficiency.

In June every year, a series of activities such as safety management training and knowledge contests are organized in conjunction with the theme of National Safety Month and the company's management to enhance the quality and safety awareness of employees.

2. System
The company formulates annual safety production management goals every year, establishes and improves safety production responsibilities, signs the "Safety Production Responsibility Letter" between departments and workshops, workshops and teams, teams, and team members, and implements the main body of safety responsibility.
The workshop area is divided into responsibilities, and each team leader is responsible for the safety of products in the area under its jurisdiction, and regularly reports the safety production situation to the department supervisor.
Regularly organize a major safety inspection to find unsafe conditions, through hidden dangers investigation, and rectification within a time limit to ensure that employees have a safe working environment.
Organize employees in toxic and harmful positions to have a physical examination once a year to keep abreast of their physical conditions.

3. Labor Security Supplies
According to the different jobs, equipped with unused labor protection clothing and safety protection equipment, and establish a record of labor protection supplies to ensure that the labor protection supplies have been implemented in the head

4. Houpu can skillfully apply risk analysis tools such as HAZOP/LOPA/FMEA.



1. Summary
Since the establishment of the company, the establishment of a perfect quality assurance management system, and in the production and management activities of continuous promotion and improvement, as a prerequisite for product quality assurance, greatly improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the company's operations continue to promote the expected goals.

2. Organizational Guarantee
Our company has a full-time quality management organization, namely the QHSE Management Department, which undertakes the work of QHSE system management, HSE management, quality inspection, quality management, etc. There is more than 30 personnel, including non-destructive testing personnel, non-destructive testing personnel, and data personnel, who are responsible for the establishment, improvement, and promotion of the company's quality management system, quality activity planning, quality plan preparation, quality problem handling, product inspection, and testing, product information, etc., and organize and coordinate various work. The department implements the quality plan and implements the company's quality policy and goals.

Our company attaches great importance to quality management. The director of safety and quality directly manages the QHSE management department and is directly in charge of the president. The company has created an all-round, high-quality, customer satisfaction-focused atmosphere in the company from top to bottom. , and continuously organize the training of employees, gradually improve the skill level of employees, complete high-quality work with high-quality employees, ensure high-quality products with high-quality work, ensure product operation safety with high-quality products, and finally win customer satisfaction.

3. Process Control

Technical solution quality control
To ensure that the equipment meets the requirements of engineering design, the company strengthens internal and external communication before bidding fully understands the needs of customers and formulates the most appropriate and accurate technical solutions.

Quality control of the production process
Our products are formulated the quality plan ahead of schedule, according to the plan in the entry of procurement, manufacturing, factory set up quality control points to control the quality of product, to ensure that from raw materials to finished products in the factory every link of quality control, ensure the inspection and testing elements to effectively control and operation, to ensure the manufacturing quality products.

Purchasing Quality Control

Purchasing Quality Control


Our company has established the "Supplier Development Management System" to regulate the access of suppliers. New suppliers must undergo qualification audits and conduct on-site inspections of suppliers as planned. The products supplied can only become qualified suppliers after trial production. Suppliers, and establish the "Qualified Supply Management System" to implement dynamic management of qualified suppliers, organize quality and technical evaluation of suppliers every six months, implement management control according to grade evaluation, and eliminate suppliers with poor quality and delivery ability.

Formulate product entry inspection specifications and standards as required, and full-time inspectors will conduct incoming re-inspection for purchased parts and outsourced parts according to the inspection plan, inspection specifications, and standards, and identify non-conforming products and store them in isolation, and notify the purchasing staff in time for processing to ensure the use of qualified, high-quality materials and parts.

Purchasing Quality Control2
Manufacturing Quality Control

Manufacturing Quality Control


Strict product acceptance procedures, the processing quality of each part, component and assembly, and other intermediate processes, and the semi-finished products of each process must be submitted to full-time inspection for acceptance after passing the self-inspection and mutual inspection of the production department. 1. From the source production link, check the data number when receiving the material and transplant it on the process tracking card. 2. There is non-destructive testing in the welding process. X-ray testing is carried out on the welding seam to prevent defects from flowing into the next process. 3. There is no connection between the processes, self-inspection, and mutual inspection, and full-time inspectors follow the whole production process.

According to the designed product requirements, the QHSE management department implements inspection and testing control from the material entering the factory, the product manufacturing process, the product debugging process, and the delivery process, and has written inspection and testing standards such as the incoming inspection workbook, non-destructive testing, and commissioning work instructions. Product inspection provides the basis, and the inspection is carried out in strict accordance with the standards to ensure that the products that leave the factory meet customer requirements.

Manufacturing Quality Control
Manufacturing Quality Control2

Engineering Quality Control


The company has established a complete project management system. During the construction process, the engineering technology service center designates a special person to carry out follow-up inspections from bottom to top by the project quality supervision and management regulations and accepts the quality supervision of special equipment testing institutions and supervision units, accept the supervision of the government quality supervision department.

The QHSE management department sets whole process control from the material entering the factory, the product manufacturing process, the product debugging process, and the test process. We have inspection and testing standards such as incoming inspection workbooks, non-destructive testing, and commissioning work instructions, which provide a basis for product testing and implement inspections in strict accordance with the standards to ensure that the products meet customer requirements before delivery.

The company has established a complete project management system. During the construction process, the Engineering Technology Service Center designates a specialized person to carry out follow-up inspections whole process in accordance with the project quality supervision and management regulations and accepts the quality supervision of special equipment testing institutions and supervision units, and the supervision of the government quality supervision department.



Our products can obtain corresponding certifications according to customer requirements, and cooperate with internationally renowned certification and safety testing institutions such as TUV, SGS, etc. And they will send industry experts to provide training on product qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and assessment.




According to the requirements of GB/T19001 "Quality Management System", GB/T24001 "Environmental Management System", GB/T45001 "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" and other standards, our company has established an integrated management system.

Use program documents, management manuals, etc. to control the management processes of marketing, design, technology, procurement, planning, warehouse, logistics, personnel, etc.



Houpu is equipped with infrastructure for product inspection and testing and has planned test areas for components, high-voltage equipment, low-voltage equipment, H2 test equipment, etc. in the factory to simulate on-site use of products to ensure the realization of equipment functions. At the same time, a special inspection room is set up to strictly control the welding quality of the products in the manufacturing process.

In addition to equipped with spectrum analyzers, electronic scales, infrared thermometers, special calibrating devices, and other measuring equipment. At the same time, according to the product features of Houpu, digital real-time imaging equipment has been used to quickly judge the welding quality, improve the detection efficiency and accuracy, and achieve 100% inspection of all welds of the product, ensuring the quality of the product and improving the reliability and security of the product. At the same time, a special person is in charge of the management of measuring equipment, and carrying out calibration and verification on schedule, preventing the unexpected use of measuring instruments, and ensuring that the testing equipment of the product meets the requirements.


Environmental Friendly

Green Industry
Green System
Green Industry

In response to the national environmental protection policy and the concept of global environmental protection, Houpu has been unswervingly engaged in the clean energy industry for many years, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. Houpu has been engaged in the clean energy industry for 16 years. From the development of core components to the development, design, production, operation, and maintenance of related equipment in the industrial chain, Houpu has rooted the concept of environmental protection in every action. The efficient use of energy and the improvement of the human environment are the constant mission of Houpu. It is the constant goal of Houpu to create a technical system for clean, efficient, and systematic application of energy. In order to achieve sustainable development, Houpu, which is already in a leading position in the domestic industry in the field of natural gas, has also begun to explore and develop in the field of H2 and has made great technological breakthroughs.

Green System

The company is committed to building a green industry chain, starting from procurement, focusing on the emission compliance index of products and suppliers; the design and production links promote the intensification of land use, low-carbon energy, harmless raw materials, recycling of waste, environmental protection of emissions, clean production, and R&D; use low-emission and environmentally friendly logistics. All-round promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Houpu has been actively promoting the establishment of a green manufacturing system. Based on the T/SDIOT 019-2021 "Green Enterprise Evaluation System" standard and the current status of the industry, Houpu has formulated Houpu's "Green Enterprise Plan Implementation Plan" and "Green Enterprise Implementation Action Plan". It was rated as a green enterprise implementation unit, and the evaluation result grade was: AAA. At the same time, it obtained a five-star certificate for the green supply chain. At the same time, the green factory was launched this year and is currently being implemented.

Houpu has formulated a green enterprise implementation action plan and implementation plan:

● On May 15, 2021, the Green Enterprise Action Plan was released and implemented.

● From May 15, 2021, to October 6, 2022, the overall deployment of the company, the establishment of a green enterprise leading group, and the specific promotion of each department according to the plan.

● October 7, 2022--October 1, 2023, optimized and adjusted according to the progress.

● May 15, 2024, to complete the green business plan target".

Green Initiatives


Production Processes

Through the establishment of a control mechanism for energy conservation, Houpu promotes the correct maintenance of equipment and facilities, prolongs the service life, keeps the production environment clean, reduces dust, reduces noise, saves energy, and reduces emissions. Implement source control; strengthen green culture publicity, and advocate conservation and environmental protection.

Logistics Process

Through centralized transportation (reasonable selection of transportation tools and reduction of carbon emissions during transportation), self-owned or conditional logistics companies are given priority to choose; improve internal combustion engine technology of transportation tools and use clean energy technology; the LNG, CNG, and H2 refueling equipment are mainly packaged in wooden boxes to reduce the use of non-renewable and non-degradable materials.

Emission Process

Apply green and pollution control technology to control pollution discharge, adopt comprehensive treatment technology for wastewater, waste, and solid waste, combine with hydrogen energy equipment projects, and consider the current status of wastewater, waste, and solid waste in the enterprise, collect and discharge waste water, waste, and solid waste centrally and select Appropriate technology for processing.

Humanistic Care


We always put the safety of our employees in the first place, if a job can't be done safely; don't do it.

HOUPU sets the annual safety production management goal every year, establishes and improves the safety production responsibility, and signs the "safety Production Responsibility Statement" step by step. According to the different positions, the work clothing and safety protection equipment are different. Organize a regular safety inspection, find the unsafe state, through hidden danger investigation, rectification within a time limit, to ensure that employees have a safe working environment. Organize the staff of toxic and harmful positions to have physical examination at least once a year, and grasp the staff's physical condition in time.

We are very concerned about the physical and mental health of our employees, and strive to make every employee feel a sense of gain and belonging.

HOUPU sets up mutual funds within the company to help and support family members in the event of serious diseases, natural disasters, disabilities, etc., and encourage employees' children to study. The company will prepare a gift for employees' children who are admitted to college or above.

HOUPU attaches great importance to environmental protection and other social responsibilities.
Takes an active part in various public welfare activities and donate to various public welfare organizations and activities.

Supply Chain

storage tank
storage tank1

Storage tank



submerged pump2
submerged pump1

Submerged pump

solenoid valve
submerged pump

Solenoid valve

QHSE Policy


Houpu adheres to the mission of "efficient use of energy, improve the human environment", bearing in mind the commitment to "compliance, safe environment, sustainable development", around the "innovation, quality first, customer satisfaction; The integrated management policy of law-abiding and compliance, safe environment, sustainable development, and relevant measures for environmental protection, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, production safety, product safety, public health and other social impacts are formulated in terms of products and services to meet the compliance requirements:

● Senior leaders of the company always take production safety, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, and comprehensive utilization of resources as the most basic responsibilities, and implement various controls with systematic management thinking. The company has established ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, three-level safety standardization management system, green supply chain management system, product after-sales service and other management systems to standardize the company's marketing, design, quality, procurement, production, social responsibility and other links of management.

● Company earnestly implements the national and local governments at all levels of the relevant laws and regulations, through to the national macroeconomic regulation and control policy, local strategic development planning and public concern about environmental analysis, we consider the development prospect of the industry chain, the enterprise, the change of external environment and the public concern about enterprise production and management, the objective of reducing emissions pollution of environmental work and Formulate and implement the Environmental Factors Identification and Evaluation Management System and the Hazard Source Management System, identify and evaluate the environmental and safety hazards regularly every year, and take corresponding measures to prevent them, to eliminate hidden dangers.

● The company has been paying attention to making the infrastructure meet the requirements of environmental and occupational health and safety management. The safety of the equipment has been fully considered from the beginning of the equipment selection process. At the same time, the impact on the environment and occupational health and safety has been taken into account during the management and technical transformation of the infrastructure. Project in the early stage of the design full consideration in the process of project construction, product testing process and product in the whole process of production of environmental impact factors, affect the safety of operating personnel, occupational health and safety impact evaluation and prediction, and formulate the corresponding improvement scheme, such as project construction practice three at the same time the evaluation of synchronous implementation.

● To reduce the harm caused by emergencies to the company's personnel and the environment, and to protect the personal and property safety of the company's personnel and surrounding personnel, the company has set up full-time personnel responsible for environmental monitoring, safety prevention and inspection, etc., and comprehensively control the company's safety management. Identify production safety emergencies that may be caused by infrastructure and timely deal with environmental and occupational health and safety problems caused by infrastructure, and strictly implement relevant environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations during the operation of infrastructure equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of infrastructure equipment.

● We will communicate EHS risks and improvements openly with all partners.

● We care about the safety and welfare of our contractors, suppliers, transportation agents and others by infusing them with advanced EHS concepts on a long-term basis.

● We uphold the highest safety, environmental and occupational health standards and are always ready to respond to any operational and product-related emergency.

● We are committed to upholding sustainable principles in our business: environmental protection, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction, pollution prevention and control, to create long-term value.

● Publicize the investigation of accidents and attempted accidents, to cultivate a corporate culture of facing up to EHS issues in Houpu.

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