Vacuum On-line Detection System

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • Vacuum On-line Detection System

Vacuum On-line Detection System

Product introduction

The vacuum online detection system can detect the vacuum degree of the product in real-time through the vacuum intelligent core inside the vacuum preset product, and the detected vacuum degree of the product can be transmitted to the cloud center through the transmission link to provide customers with a digital display.

Application Scenario

The vacuum degree data and collection time of the products collected by the vacuum intelligent core are used to automatically predict the vacuum life of the products based on the product data. The vacuum life of the products can be intuitively and clearly known to customers with its life can be predicted.

The vacuum online detection system detects the status of vacuum products in real-time through the built-in vacuum intelligent core. In case of an unforeseeable emergency of vacuum products, the system can automatically give safety warnings and prompt, and provide relevant interfaces for safety linkage with the station control system. RFID is embedded in the vacuum intelligent core in the vacuum online detection system, which has the unique ID identification of vacuum products in the world. It provides traceability query of the whole life cycle of vacuum products, enabling the whole-process control of safety supervision and control.

The system is suitable for high vacuum multi-layer insulated pipes, high vacuum insulated tanks, high vacuum insulated bottles, high vacuum insulated valve boxes, high vacuum insulated pump sumps, and other vacuum insulated products.



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