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Smart operation management platform

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • Smart operation management platform

Smart operation management platform

Product introduction

The purpose of the Smart Operation Management Platform independently developed by Houpu is to reduce customers’ management and construction costs.

On the basis of not changing the software and hardware of dispensers, it can quickly connect to the station-level management system for customers to distribute storage through the cloud, standardize and centralize business data, promote customer data  analysis and decision-making , and lay the foundation for subsequent digital currency payments.

Product features

The Smart Operation Management Platform based on years of market research and summarization, in-depth independent R&D of SAAS Retail Management System, could fully meet the daily operation and management needs of users and make management economical and efficient, the following functions are provided.



  • Data transmission

    The data transmission code is controlled by a script,
    and can be adjusted at any time according to
    the needs without modifying the source code.

  • Concurrent transmission

    The system supports concurrent transmission of large
    amounts of data, and can support concurrent transmission
    of data from more than 100 sites at the same time.
    It can ensure that the consumption data of each site is
    accurately and timely transmitted to the central server

  • Multithreaded task queue

    The system uses a multi-threaded task queue mode to
    process data, which occupies fewer computer resources and
    can support the simultaneous transmission of data
    from more than 100 stations, which improves the stability
    of the system and the efficiency of data transmission

  • AMQP

    Integrate AMQP subscription and
    message publishing functions.

Smart Operation Management Platform


  • If the customer adopts the deployment mode of our cloud platform, the visual LSD (large screen display) can be customized and developed.
  • If the customer adopts privatized deployment, customized development can be carried out according to the customer's needs.
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