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Shiyin Hydrogen Refueling Station Industry Conference

From July 13th to 14th, 2022, the 2022 Shiyin Hydrogen Refueling Station Industry Conference was held in Foshan. Houpu and its subsidiary Hongda Engineering (renamed as Houpu Engineering), Air Liquide Houpu, Houpu Technical Service, Andisoon, Houpu Equipment and other related companies were invited to attend the conference to jointly discuss new models and new paths for opening the door to "reducing losses and increasing profits" for hydrogen refueling stations.

Houpu participated in the Shiyin Hydrogen Refueling Station Industry Conference
Shiyin Hydrogen Refueling Station Industry Conference

At the meeting, Houpu Engineering Company and Andisoon Company under Houpu Group delivered keynote speeches respectively. In terms of the whole station solution of hydrogen refueling station, Bijun Dong, deputy general manager of Houpu Engineering Co., Ltd., gave a speech on the theme of "Appreciation of the overall EPC case analysis of hydrogen refueling station", and shared with the industry the current situation of the hydrogen energy industry, the situation of global and Chinese station construction and The advantages of Houpu Group's EPC general contracting. Run Li, product director of Andisoon Company, focused on the key technologies and equipment of hydrogen refueling stations, and delivered a keynote speech on "The Road to Localization of Hydrogen Refueling Guns". The extension and application of technology and other localization processes.

Dong shared that hydrogen energy is colorless, transparent, odorless and tasteless. As the ultimate renewable and clean energy, it has become an important breakthrough in global energy transformation. In the decarbonization application in the transportation field, hydrogen energy will play a huge role as a star energy. He pointed out that at present, the number of hydrogen refueling stations built, the number of hydrogen refueling stations in operation, and the number of newly built hydrogen refueling stations in China have achieved the top three in the world, and the hydrogen refueling station design and the overall EPC of the Houpu Group (including subsidiaries) participated in the construction.,the general contracting performance ranks first in China, and has created a number of leading benchmarks for the first hydrogen refueling station in the industry.

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Houpu Group integrates various resources, utilizes the advantages of the ecosystem in the construction of complete sets of hydrogen energy refueling equipment and infrastructure, and creates the "ten labels" and core competitiveness of the overall EPC service, which can provide customers with complete sets of hydrogen refueling cores. Professional all-round and integrated EPC services such as intelligent manufacturing of equipment, advanced safe hydrogenation technology and process, complete engineering survey, design and construction, one-stop nationwide sales and maintenance guarantee, and dynamic full-life-cycle safety operation supervision!

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Shiyin Hydrogen Refueling Station Industry Conference3
Shiyin Hydrogen Refueling Station Industry Conference4

Run, product director of Andisoon Company, elaborated from three aspects: localization background, technical research and practical test. He pointed out that China is vigorously promoting the use of dual carbon and hydrogen energy. To effectively break through industrial bottlenecks and firmly grasp the initiative of innovation and development, we must speed up the capture of key technologies in important fields. He emphasized that in the field of hydrogen energy refueling, the hydrogen refueling gun is the key link restricting the localization process of hydrogen energy refueling equipment. To break through the key technology of the hydrogen refueling gun, the focus is on two aspects: safe connection technology and reliable sealing technology. However, Andisoon has more than ten years of experience in connector development and has basic test conditions such as high-voltage test systems, and has inherent advantages in the localization of hydrogen guns, and the process of localization of hydrogen guns will come naturally.

After continuous testing and technical research, Andisoon Company realized the technology of 35MPa hydrogen refueling gun as early as 2019; in 2021, it successfully developed the first domestic 70MPa hydrogen refueling gun with infrared communication function. Up to now, the hydrogen refueling gun developed by Andisoon has completed three technical iterations and achieved mass production and sales. It has been successfully applied to several hydrogen refueling demonstration stations in Beijing Winter Olympics, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui, Hebei and other provinces and cities, and has won good customer reputation.

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As a leading enterprise in the hydrogen energy refueling industry, Houpu Group has been actively deploying the hydrogen energy industry since 2014, taking the lead in completing the independent research and development and production of many hydrogen energy refueling products, contributing to the national low-carbon transformation and upgrading of energy and dual-carbon goals.

Shiyin Hydrogen Refueling Station Industry Conference6

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