HQHP promoted the operation of the first HRS of PetroChina in Guangdong

HQHP promoted the operation of the first HRS of PetroChina in Guangdong

On October 21, PetroChina Guangdong Foshan Luoge Gasoline and Hydrogen Combined Refueling Station, which was undertaken by HQHP (300471), completed the first refueling, marking that the first HRS of PetroChina in Guangdong fully satisfied the operation condition. HQHP helped to open the era of hydrogen for PetroChina in Guangdong.


(China Petroleum Guangdong Foshan Luoge HRS first refueling)

The designed refueling capacity of CNPC Guangdong Foshan Luoge HRS is 500kg/d. The equipment, integration, debugging, and after-sale service are all supplied by the subsidiaries of HQHP. The 45MPa hydrogen diaphragm compressor skid, hydrogen dispenser, hydrogen unloading post, priority panel, control system, and charging system are all independently developed, designed, and manufactured by subsidiaries of HQHP. HQHP’s products are safe and reliable, with advanced technology, convenient operation, and high intelligence.


(hydrogen dispenser)


(Hydrogen Diaphragm Compressor Skid)


(hydrogen unloading post)


As a leading company in the field of hydrogen refueling in China, HQHP always follows China’s energy policy. HQHP has successively participated in more than 70 national and provincial demonstration projects such as the world's largest HRS -Beijing Daxing HRS, the first HRS for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the first 70MPa HRS in Southwest China, the first liquid-driven HRS and comprehensive energy refueling station in Northwest China, and the production and refueling integrated station. As mentioned above, the design of HRS and the overall EPC general contracting experience are at the forefront of China. HQHP has created a number of leading demonstration HRS cases. The hydrogen complete equipment of HQHP was selected into the catalog of famous and high-quality products in Sichuan Province for its excellent performance and high quality.

HQHP is continuing to strengthen its advantages of hydrogen equipment R&D and manufacture, continuously improving the service ability of HRS, consolidating the core capabilities of the entire industrial chain of hydrogen "manufacturing, storage, transportation and processing", promoting the development of the hydrogen industry, and protecting our environment, contributing to the realization of the "double carbon" goal.

Post time: Dec-02-2022

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