News - HQHP debuted at the Foshan Hydrogen Energy Exhibition (CHFE2022) to share the topic of the future of H2


HQHP debuted at the Foshan Hydrogen Energy Exhibition (CHFE2022) to share the topic of the future of H2

HQHP debuted at the Foshan Hydrogen Energy Exhibition (CHFE2022) to share the topic of the future of H2

During November 15-17, 2022, the 6th China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition (CHFE2022) was grandly held at Qiaoshan Cultural Center. Houpu Clean Energy Group Co., Ltd. (“HQHP” for short) (stock code: 300471 ), as a leading company in the field of hydrogen refueling equipment in China, brought its subsidiaries Houpu Engineering, Houpu Equipment, Andisoon, Craer, and Houpu Technical Service to the exhibition. HQHP was invited to attend the hydrogen communication activity, delivered a keynote speech, and discussed with experts about cutting-edge technology concepts and practical knowledge about the hydrogen industry.


the hydrogen communication activity


In this exhibition, HQHP showed the development of its hydrogen product chain to the industry and society. At the same time, it also demonstrates the EPC advantages and strengths from the engineering design of hydrogen and comprehensive energy refueling stations, hydrogen production and refueling integrated stations, R&D and production of core components, integration of equipment, on-site installation and service.

At the exhibition, HQHP introduced its gas/liquid hydrogen refueling products to visitors, focusing on the core products like containerized hydrogen refueling skids, liquid-driven hydrogen compressor skids, hydrogen dispensers, hydrogen nozzles, hydrogen mass flowmeters, as well as the cases of HRS, comprehensive energy refueling stations, and production and refueling integrated station project, fully shows the overall solution capabilities of HQHP in the construction of HRS.


containerized hydrogen refueling skid


liquid-driven hydrogen compressor skid


hydrogen dispenser


35MPa hydrogen dispenser


35MPa hydrogen dispenser


hydrogen mass flowmeter


( Bai Xin, vice general manager of Houpu Engineering, delivered a keynote speech)

Bai Xin, vice general manager of Houpu Engineering gave a keynote speech on HRS Construction Experience, introduced the HRS cases of HQHP and Houpu Engineering to the leaders and guests as a representative. He shared HQHP’s experience in building HRS, from the scale and economy, safety control, and precise design, to the overall "EPC" station construction mode. He pointed out that with the release of the "Mid- and Long-term Plan for Hydrogen Energy Development" and the continuous promotion of the double-carbon target, the construction of domestic HRS will continue to maintain a momentum of rapid development and the scale of station construction and the technical route also show a different development trend from the traditional oil and gas sales field:

(1) Permanent comprehensive energy refueling stations (oil, natural gas, hydrogen, and electricity) become mainstream

(2) Increase the refueling capacity of single-station (upgrade to 1000KG and above)

(3) With the liberalizing of policy the hydrogen production and refueling integrated station is developing rapidly

(4) Continuous breakthroughs in 70MPa HRS technology

5)Promotion of the digitization level of the industrial chain

6)The prospect of liquid hydrogen application and refueling station is huge


As a leading enterprise in the field of clean energy refueling equipment in China, HQHP has a service network all over the country, and a service team of more than 180 people guarantees 7*24 hours of service for customers. Relying on the years of experience in hydrogen refueling technology, the independent R&D capability of HQHP is industry-leading, with a high level of intelligence; the localization rate of hydrogen core components is nearly 70%.

HQHP has successively participated in more than 70 national and provincial demonstration projects such as the world's largest HRS -Beijing Daxing HRS, the first HRS for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the first 70MPa HRS in Southwest China, the first liquid-driven HRS and comprehensive energy refueling station in Northwest China, and the production and refueling integrated station. As mentioned above, the design of HRS, comprehensive energy refueling stations, production and refueling integrated stations, and the overall EPC general contracting experience are at the forefront of China. HQHP has created a number of HRS leading demonstration cases in the industry and filled the blank in the hydrogen energy infrastructure field in many regions.


In the future, HQHP will continue to strengthen the development of the hydrogen refueling industry chain, grasp the frontiers of hydrogen technological innovation trends, continuously improve the ability of the overall solution for HRS, and consolidate the core advantages of "production, storage, transportation, refueling, and use of hydrogen". HQHP will keep engaging in the hydrogen industry development in China, actively promote the sustainable, healthy, and rapid development of the hydrogen industry, and accelerate the realization of the "double carbon" goal.

Post time: Nov-26-2022

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