News - Houpu Engineering (Hongda)Won the Bid of EPC General Contractor of Hanlan Renewable Energy (Biogas) Hydrogen Production and Refueling Mother Station


Houpu Engineering (Hongda)Won the Bid of EPC General Contractor of Hanlan Renewable Energy (Biogas) Hydrogen Production and Refueling Mother Station

Recently, Houpu Engineering (Hongda) (HQHP’s wholly-owned subsidiary), successfully won the bid of the EPC total package project of Hanlan Renewable Energy (Biogas) Hydrogen refueling and Hydrogen generation mother Station, marking that HQHP and Houpu Engineering (Hongda) has a new experience in the field, which is of great significance for HQHP to strengthen the core advantages of the entire industrial chain of hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation and processing, and promote the marketization of green hydrogen production technology.

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Hanlan Renewable Energy (Biogas) Hydrogen Production and refueling Mother Station Project is adjacent to Foshan Nanhai Solid Waste Treatment Environmental Protection Industrial Park, covering an area of 17,000 square meters, with a designed hydrogen production capacity of 3,000Nm3/h and an annual output of about 2,200 tons of medium and high-purity hydrogen. This project is the innovation of Hanlan Company using the existing energy, solid waste, and other industries, and has successfully integrated kitchen waste disposal, biogas production, hydrogen production from biogas and hydrogen-rich gas, hydrogen refueling services, convert the sanitation and delivery vehicles into hydrogen power, a reproducible integrated demonstration model of "solid waste + energy" collaborative hydrogen production, refueling, and utilization has been formed. The project will help to solve the existing problem of hydrogen supply shortage and high cost and open up new ideas and directions for urban solid waste treatment and energy applications.

There are no carbon emissions during the production process of green hydrogen production, and the hydrogen produced is green hydrogen. Combined with the application of hydrogen energy industry, transportation, and other fields, could realize the substitution of traditional energy, the project is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 1 million tons after it reaches production capacity, and is expected to amplify economic benefits through carbon emission reduction trading. At the same time, the station will also actively support the promotion and use of hydrogen vehicles in the Nanhai area of Foshan and the application of hydrogen sanitation vehicles of Hanlan, which will further promote the marketization of the hydrogen industry, promote the coordinated development and comprehensive utilization of resources of the hydrogen industry in Foshan and even China, explore a new model for the large-scale industrial application of hydrogen, and accelerate the development of the hydrogen industry in China.

The State Council issued the "Notice on the Action Plan for Carbon Reaching Peak by 2030" and proposed to accelerate the R&D and demonstration application of hydrogen technology, and explore large-scale applications in the fields of industry, transportation, and construction. As a leading company in the construction of HRS in China, HQHP has participated in the construction of more than 60 HRS, of which the design and general contracting performance ranked first in China.

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The first HRS of Jinan Public Transport 

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The first smart energy service station in Anhui Province

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The first batch of comprehensive energy refueling stations in "Pengwan Hydrogen Port"

This project gives a positive demonstration of building a low-cost large-scale hydrogen production and refueling in the hydrogen industry and promoting the construction of hydrogen projects and high-end hydrogen equipment manufacturing in China. In the future, Houpu Engineering (Hongda) will continue to focus on the quality and speed of contracture HRS. Together with its parent company HQHP, it will strive to promote the demonstration and application of hydrogen projects and help to realize the double-carbon goal of China as soon as possible.

Post time: Dec-12-2022

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