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LNG Built-In Pump Filling equipment

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • LNG Built-In Pump Filling equipment
  • LNG Built-In Pump Filling equipment

LNG Built-In Pump Filling equipment

Product introduction

The product is easy to operate and has obvious advantages when overhauling and draining and replacing the bottom valve.

The built-in pump filling device is a set of integrated equipment designed according to CCS specifications, with a low-temperature submersible pump designed in the LNG storage tank, integrating storage and bunkering as a whole, with PLC control cabinet, power cabinet, the LNG bunkering control cabinet and LNG unloading skid can realize the functions of LNG trailer unloading, liquid storage, bunkering, etc, and have the characteristics of compact structure, short bunkering time and convenient maintenance.

Product features

Integrate storage and bunkering functions.



HPQF series

Dimension(L×W×H) 1300×3000×5000 (mm) 1400×3900×5300 (mm) 1500×5700×6700 (mm) 2400×5200×6400 (mm) 2200×5300×7100 (mm)
Geometric capacity 60m³ 100 m³ 200m³ 250m³ 300m³
Flowrate 60 m³/h
Head 220m
Tank working pressure ≤1.0MPa


This product is suitable for on-water LNG bunkering stations built on barge or LNG fuel-powered ships with limited installation space.



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