Hydrogen Dispenser Calibrator

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • Hydrogen Dispenser Calibrator
  • Hydrogen Dispenser Calibrator

Hydrogen Dispenser Calibrator

Product introduction

The hydrogen dispenser calibrator is composed of a high-precision hydrogen mass flow meter, a high-precision pressure transmitter, an intelligent controller, a pipeline system, etc.

The metering accuracy and repeatability of the compressed hydrogen dispenser can be tested online, and the calibration record and metering certificate can be printed out according to the calibration data.

Product features

The whole machine is fully explosion-proof.



  • Flow-rate range

    (0.4~4.0) kg/min

  • Maximum permissible error

    ±0.5 %

  • Repeatability


  • Maximum operating pressure


  • Working temp.


  • Input voltage

    12V DC~24V DC

  • Explosion-proof mark

    Ex d e mb ib IIC T4 Gb

  • Total weight

    About 60kg

  • Dimension

    Length×Width×Height: 650mm×640mm×610mm

Hydrogenation dispenser calibrator

Application Scenario

This product is suitable for 35MPa and 70Mpa hydrogen refueling stations o and is able to detect and calibrate metering accuracy for hydrogen dispensers and hydrogen loading and unloading posts.



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