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HopNet Equipment Supervision System

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • HopNet Equipment Supervision System

HopNet Equipment Supervision System

Product introduction

The Platform of Hopnet Equipment Supervision System uses Internet of things communication technology, big data analysis technology, remote monitoring, and analysis of special equipment data in the field of clean energy.

The platform can carry out dynamic safety supervision of equipment from multiple regions, multiple dimensions, and multiple scenarios, conduct a centralized and in-depth analysis of data for predictive maintenance and equipment safety pre-warning, and manage various data information of equipment in an orderly, dynamic and comprehensive manner like update and share, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the level of public safety management on site.

Product features

The platform realizes the collection and storage of multi-source heterogeneous data and real-time monitoring of the operation data of special equipment through data acquisition, screening, and eigenvalue extraction, analyze and deal with the risk factors of special equipment by building a specific scenario, a warning is issued as soon as a response scenario is triggered, so as to realize the management of equipment running state alarms and early warning. In short, the platform provides users with the following functions.



  • Processing capacity

    The platform has high data concurrency processing capability.

  • API

    Can provide API interface for another system to access.


  • If the customer adopts the deployment mode of our cloud platform, the visual LSD (large screen display) can be customized and developed.
  • If the customer adopts privatized deployment, customized development can be carried out according to the customer's needs.

Application Scenarios

1. Monitor the operation of all site equipment through the visual LSD (large screen display) in the monitoring center of the customer's headquarters.
2. For the operation and maintenance personnel of the site, the storage tank inventory of the site can be monitored remotely to facilitate timely scheduling; It can receive the push of the expiration of supervision inspection and maintenance of key equipment in time, facilitating the timely formulation of equipment supervision inspection and maintenance work plan.

The platform of Hopnet Equipment Supervision System1
The platform of Hopnet Equipment Supervision System2


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