LNG Shore-Based Refueling Skid

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • LNG Shore-Based Refueling Skid

LNG Shore-Based Refueling Skid

Product introduction

The shore-based filling skid is the core equipment of the shore-based LNG bunkering station.

It integrates the functions of filling and pre-cooling, and can realize the bunkering function with the PLC control cabinet, power drag cabinet and liquid filling control cabinet, the maximum filling volume can reach 54 m³/h. At the same time, according to customer needs, the LNG trailer unloading, storage tank pressurization and other functions can be added.

Product features

Highly integrated design, small footprint, less on-site installation workload, and fast commissioning.


Product number HPQF series Design Tempreture -196~55 ℃
Product Size (L×W×H) 3000×2438×2900 (mm) Total Power ≤70KW
Product Weight 3500kg Electric System AC380V, AC220V, DC24V
Fill Amount ≤54m³/h Noise ≤55dB
Applicable Media LNG/liquid nitrogen Trouble Free Working Time ³5000h
Design Pressure 1.6MPa Measurement Error ≤1.0%
Work Pressure ≤1.2MPa -- --


This product is used as the filling module of the shore-based LNG Bunkering station and is only used for the shore-based filling system.



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