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Unloading skid for liquid natural gas

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  • Unloading skid for liquid natural gas

Unloading skid for liquid natural gas

Product introduction

The LNG unloading skid is an important module of the LNG bunkering station.

Its main function is to unload the LNG from the LNG trailer to the storage tank, so as to achieve the purpose of filling the LNG bunkering station. Its main equipment includes unloading skids, vacuum pump sump, submersible pumps, vaporizers and stainless steel pipes.

Product features

Highly integrated and all-in-one design, small footprint, less on-site installation workload, and fast commissioning.


Model HPQX series Working pressure ≤1.2MPa
Dimension(L×W×H) 4000×3000×2610 (mm) Design temperature -196~55℃
Weight 2500 kg Total power ≤15KW
Unloading speed ≤20m³/h Power AC380V, AC220V, DC24V
Medium LNG/LN2 Noise ≤55dB
design pressure 1.6MPa Trouble free working time ≥5000h


This product is used as the unloading module of LNG bunkering station and is generally used in shore-based bunkering system.

If the on-water LNG bunkering station is designed with a filling source of LNG trailer, this product can also be installed in the land area to fill the on-water water LNG bunkering station.



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