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Liquid natural gas Marine Metering Skid

Applied to hydrogenation machine and hydrogenation station

  • Liquid natural gas Marine Metering Skid

Liquid natural gas Marine Metering Skid

Product introduction

Marine metering skid is a key component of the LNG filling station, which is used to measure the LNG to be filled.

When working, the liquid inlet end of the equipment is connected to the LNG filling skid, and the liquid outlet end is connected to the filling vessel. At the same time, according to customer needs, it is possible to choose to measure the return gas of the ship to enhance the fairness of trade.

Product features

Highly integrated and integrated design, easy to operate.


Product number H PQM series Electric system DC24V
Product Size 2500×2000×2100(mm) Trouble free working time ≥5000h
product weight 2500kg Liquid flow meter CMF300 DN80/AMF300 DN80
Applicable media LNG/liquid nitrogen Gas flow meter CMF200 DN50/AMF200 DN50
Design pressure 1.6MPa System measurement accuracy ±1%
Work pressure 1.2MPa Unit of measurement Kg
Set tempreture -196~55 ℃ Minimum division value of reading 0.01kg
Measurement accuracy ±0.1% Single measurement range 0~9999.99kg
Flow rate 7m/s Cumulative measurement range 99999999.99kg


LNG filling station is mostly used in shore-based filling system.
If this type of equipment is required for the LNG filling station on the water, the products certified by the classification society can be customized.



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